The first absorbing moisture decorative

"For the first time we present an absorbing moisture that finds its place in the lounge while maintaining maximum efficiency."

détails du pack

Desiccant glazed earthenware or mate to clean the air in damp rooms. Made in the South of France at the foot of the ornamental Pyrénées.Esthétique and absorbing moisture in the ground enamel is especially suitable for living rooms, the range comes in six colors: green earth olivar, red cherry,land of acacia honey, black metal, white Provencal land and cinnamon.

Very easy to use, it works like all other absorbers on the principle of moisture absorption of calcium chloride as a bag or galet.Il adds aesthetics to efficiency.


Very effective, it purifies the atmosphere, protects the house against moisture, mold and odors. It works safely with its stability and its lid avoids contact with chloride for children or pets. Adequate for a room of 40 m² for two months depending on humidity.

This absorbing moisture is sold with its recharge calcium chloride of 500 gr.